Cherry Blossom to Launch at Major Retailers.

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL . . . February 14, 2022 — National Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ: FIZZ) today announces its newest flavor . . . Cherry Blossom!

“LaCroix is all about unique flavor, good health and . . . love! We can think of no better time to announce this innovative new flavor than on Valentine’s Day! A gift to our devoted consumers . . . Cherry Blossom . . . is a botanical twist of sweet and just a ‘kiss’ of tart, the dazzling taste of blossoming Spring!” said a company spokesperson.

“For centuries, the cherry blossom has represented freshness, splendor and delicate beauty. The flavor of LaCroix Cherry Blossom uniquely ‘blooms’ with the bliss, fragrance and calming essence of this brilliant flower. We developed the distinctive taste and stunning packaging of Cherry Blossom to convey the Dazzling Taste of Spring!” concluded the spokesperson.

LaCroix Cherry Blossom will be available at select retailers nationwide in March 2022.