Any real LaCroix sparkling water fan will tell you that all the flavors are NOT the same. There’s a LaCroix flavor for every mood and season. One thing we can all agree on is this– there’s never a bad time to drink a LaCroix!

Do you have a favorite flavor, or do you like to rotate through all of them? Whether you’re loyal to one flavor or grab whichever you’re feeling at the moment, it’s hard to go wrong here.

What’s your number one favorite flavor of La Croix? We’ve put together a list of some fan favorites, and we’d love for you to sort through it and rank your own!

  • Tangerine

    via Instagram: @lacroix
    The tangerine flavored La Croix water has been a huge hit, especially over the summer!

  • Mango

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    A mango flavored La Croix water is the perfect drink for the summertime.

  • Key Lime

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    The key lime flavored La Croix will make you feel like you’re relaxing on a beach if you close your eyes while taking a sip!

  • Lemon

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    This citrus flavored La Croix beverage is the perfect combination of sweet and sour.

  • Pina Fraise

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    Pina Fraise, better known as pineapple strawberry is the perfect fusion of two flavors that will make your tastebuds jump.

  • Orange

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    Orange can definitely be a hit or miss when it comes to flavoring, but we’ve heard it’s pretty good in La Croix!

  • Kiwi Sandia

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    This watermelon kiwi flavored La Croix provides a delicate balance of sweet and sour in this becerage!

  • Pomme Bayá

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    The pomme bayá resembles an apple berry flavor that is crisp and refreshing.

  • Melon Pomelo

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    There’s never a wrong time to enjoy a melon pomelo flavored La Croix.

  • Coconut

    via Instagram: @lacroixwater
    Sipping on a coconut flavored La Croix will bring you right back to your favorite summer that you spent on the beach!