“The Biggest Loser” has been drawing in audiences since it originally aired in 2004 by giving us a close-up and personal view of the astounding physical transformations that can happen when you exercise and eat right.

From meal plans to cookbooks, “The Biggest Loser” has stepped off TV-screens and into our homes to inspire us; including hosting a RunWalk Race series, which LaCroix will proudly play a role in this summer and fall.

Take a Step in the Right Direction!

LaCroix is the perfect partner for the race series and serves as a healthy alternative to the many artificially sweetened beverages in the market. Enjoy LaCroix at each event (including 2 cans for each runner and/or walker at the Finish Line), in the following cities, on the following dates:

June 7, 2015                          Erie, PA                     Half Marathon/5k

June 20, 2015                       Rockford, IL             Half Marathon/5k

August 2, 2015                      Chicago, IL                Half Marathon/5k

October 18, 2015                  Eau Claire, WI          Half Marathon/5k

100% natural LaCroix Sparkling Water is excited to partake in The Biggest Loser RunWalk’s latest fitness movement, and looks forward to providing attendees with a pure, delicious flavored, sparkling healthy beverage.

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For more information on The Biggest Loser’s RunWalk Race Series, including other host cities, visit their website.

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