The buzz is out about the all new LaCroix Sparkling Water flavor, Peach Pear. And it is being talked about across the nation! Have you tried the new Peach Pear LaCroix?

“Fans of the brand have discerning pallets.  They are concerned with artificial flavors and sweeteners.  They’re searching for something refreshing, without any baggage,” mentioned Vanessa Walker, Director of Strategic Brand Marketing. “Our peach pear has a strong, appetizing aroma.  When you turn the can over to see the nutritionals you can’t believe you’re getting all this flavor with no calories, or artificial sweeteners.  Fans love it.”  Fans on the FaceBook page for LaCroix have swelled to over 65,000 and many are commenting on the new Peach Pear which is going viral after its June launch.