Congrats on your interest in building a better, healthier you by joining the Whole30 program! We’re confident that you’ll be boasting about your triumphs and achievements (and share what you’re eating and drinking) in no time!

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at what other fellow Whole30 followers are saying in the social media sphere…

Okay, so people are obviously seeing benefits with Whole30 and they’re excited enough to be blogging, tweeting and Instagramming about it. But, before you break out your selfie-stick or set-up a makeshift photography studio in your kitchen, you’ll need to prepare accordingly. That’s why we’ve listed 10 Essentials you’ll need to Rock your Whole30 Program below.

1) The Whole30 Book 

This is where the program’s foundation started. Some call it the Whole30 “bible.” Be sure to pick it up or purchase it online and read it before you begin your journey to wellness. You can find it here:

2) LaCroix

Did you know that many beverages are restricted during Whole30 because of their artificial ingredients or added sugar? Luckily, if you’re a LaCroix Loyalist, you will not be denied, as LaCroix is an approved Whole30 beverage.

3) A Meal Plan 

Staying organized and maintaining a specific dietary regimen will make your life much easier by keeping you focused and on-track. Many followers say they create a meal plan on a Sunday and then do their shopping, prepping and cooking on the same day. It helps keep a busy workweek more streamlined and stress-free.

4) Cutting Board(s)

Don’t ruin your counters! Pick up at least one decent cutting board (antibacterial, slip proof etc.) and make sure it’s durable– because you’ll be using it frequently!

5) Sharp Knives

If you have any dull knife blades in your kitchen, be sure to sharpen them before starting the Whole30 – honed knives will make meal prep that much quicker and easier.

6) ​Emergency Food (Kit)

While traveling, at a sporting event, hiking, or simply in the middle of a hectic day, a Whole30 Emergency Food Kit can be your savior! Check them out at Barefoot Provisions (, where kits start at $25. Followers suggest keeping several of the box’s snacks in your bag, car, or backpack at all times.

 7) Homemade Mayo

There are several ingredients in store-bought mayo that will rule it out, usually because of soybean oil and some form of sugar. Don’t be fooled by “healthy” labeling either, olive oil mayo has far more vegetable oil than olive oil. This is why the Whole30 program suggests you make your own mayo using the recipe in The Whole30. Followers claim that homemade mayo tastes nothing like store-bought mayo and its creaminess is next to Godliness.

8) Ghee

What’s ghee? Well, you’ll find out more in The Whole30, but basically it’s a clarified butter made from the milk of a buffalo or cow – typically used in traditional Indian cooking and cuisine. It’s also a staple on Whole30 for frying or sautéing, as using regular butter is a no-go.

9) Support Network

You can easily find answers to any questions you may have before and during your Whole30 program. With its vast support system, Whole30 newbies and regulars can find help online in their forum, as well as on Whole30’s Facebook page.

10) @Whole30recipes Instagram Feed

Before you begin your Whole30 program, be sure to check out what other devotees are eating and drinking. Consider it a place of inspiration, as well as a culinary guideline.

Congrats once more on making the Whole30 a part of your new, healthy lifestyle. We wish you much luck and look forward to seeing your tweets and pics throughout your experience.

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