LaCroix is the best selling domestic sparkling water brand in the USA. A true American favorite for over 30 years, LaCroix has the distinction of being the number one sparkling water brand sold in cans. Today, the brand is recognized by consumers throughout North America and beyond, with its unique blue logo and array of fantastic flavors. Pronounced “la-croy”, consumers are reminded of the correct pronunciation when asked to “enjoy LaCroix” with every sip they take.


Originally made in Wisconsin (circa 1981), by a local family owned brewery, GE Heileman, the brand was named for its local roots. “La” was taken from the city of La Crosse, and “Croix” hails from the beautiful St. Croix River which flows between Wisconsin and Minnesota.  Originally bottled and

sold locally in glass, LaCroix is now sold primarily in 100% recyclable cans; however the original bottles may still be found today on store shelves in parts of Wisconsin and Illinois. Always 100% natural with nothing artificial, this sparkling water caught the eye of Nick A. Caporella, Founder and CEO of National Beverage Corp., Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


In 1996, Caporella became keenly aware of changing consumer demands and continues to acquire brands and trademarks he believes will meet future demands. He recognized the importance of consumers’ changing beverage choices, including healthy, natural products made domestically. Caporella purchased LaCroix along with several other trademarks from the Wynterbrook Beverage Company. He redesigned the brand using a bright color palette, increased the flavor offerings and designed an updated logo complete with double waves. Today, LaCroix is the fastest growing, all natural sparkling water in cans throughout the USA. With nine flavors in portable, convenient packages, LaCroix has expanded its reach to the Caribbean, Canada, Japan, Colombia, and Chile, with more global consumers discovering this refreshing, calorie free brand each and every day…..enjoy LaCroix.